Convivio is an Italian word that captures the feeling of being around a big table with people you care about, sharing good food and conversation.

We named the company Convivio because we believe knowledge work in the 21st century should feel more like that.

To achieve this, we’re a challenger consultancy specialising in helping knowledge-work organisations to work better for people by being more collaborative, more open, and more flexible. In this way we help them solve complex systemic problems. Digital technology is one of the tools we use.

Challenger Consultancy

Convivio is a challenger consultancy, which means we are to Deloitte, McKinsey, PwC, and others what Starling or Monzo are to Barclays, HSBC and RBS.

These consultancies are huge companies delivering services to clients in very wasteful old-fashioned ways, frequently with poor outcomes and poor value for clients. They’ll do anything for a buck — accountancy, audit, tax reduction, IT, market research, management consulting, contract staffing (essentially temping) and more. They are generalists on an enormous scale.

By focusing on providing a very specialised service, using modern working practices and a high standard of ethics, transparency and customer-centricity, we can compete very effectively with them in our specialism.