'Positioning Your Agency for the Global Recovery' Workshop — Wednesday, 27 October, 2021



From mining to sculpting

Founding a creative agency is a bit like creating a sculpture. There are two phases: (1) mining a big lump of granite, and (2) chiseling a work of art from it. While artists get to show up just for the second stage, entrepreneurs have to do both.

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Decision Fatigue

"We're getting more leads in the top of the funnel, but fewer of them are closing than ever. Everything seems to be in stasis. Nobody is making any decisions!" This is an approximation

What are agencies for?

Here's an existential question to start the week. Why do agencies exist? Why do clients need them? My answer is best summed up by this diagram: Client organisations are generally boxy and square,

Agency friends

I left the BBC many years ago, but they emailed me last week with an update of what's going on in the organisation, invited me to some staff events, and also asked me

The big renewal

Last week I had a chat with an agency leader frustrated that one of her team members was leaving. But then she admitted there was an element of relief too, because the person