Your agency will be different next year.

The only question is whether that will be by your own design.

Some agencies are shaped simply by reacting to outside events as they happen.

They make sudden big changes, revolutions.

"Quick, we must do something AI!", "The client wants us to do SEO too, so we'd better learn it quick!", "The economy's stalled so we'd better change the way we do sales!"

They become chaotic, riding a rollercoaster for which they have no controls.

Meanwhile, calm agencies are proactive — looking ahead and shaping themselves for their desired future.

They have defined methods of exploring, sensing, learning and thinking.

They experiment and innovate in a structured way.

They consciously make lots of regular small changes.

Evolution rather than revolution.

This Evolution is the E in the FLAME agency leadership framework, which guides your work on your founder days, helping you act at a higher altitude and get away from the day-to-day.

This week, think about how you could design your agency to continuously evolve.

The more you can design your agency too see ahead, and evolve to be ready for the future world, the calmer and more sustainable your agency will be.