"I wish I could clone myself!" is something I hear from agency founders a lot.

Unfortunately, that's not (yet) scientifically possible.

But you can have the same impact that ten of you would have... or more.

That's because your role as the leader is to achieve things through others.

If you do a thing directly yourself, you have a 1x impact.

But if you spend time designing 'the way' for your agency to do the thing and training ten people in your team to do it from then on, your time has had a 10x impact.

Your impact is no longer simply additive, you are a multiplier.

So your energy as the founder is best invested in designing the agency and enabling your teams, than in doing the doing.

This week, keep an eye on what you work on — on your calendar, task list, or time tracker — and mark each one for whether it's a 1x impact or a multiplier.

Then make a list of the 1x things and start planning how to 10x them.