On a scale of 1 for aaaghhhh to 10 for yeeehaah how was last week for you?

What would make this coming week just one point better? (It's fine if that turns you up to 11)

How could you do that this week?

Use this exercise regularly with yourself (self-coaching is a really powerful tool for leaders), and then in one-to-ones, team standups, project meetings, and more to tease out thoughts on simple, steady improvements.

Have a great week,


P.S. I promised this week would be a ristretto version of my Agency Espresso newsletter, because last week's on accountability was more of a long black. See, I communicated my intent, and then did what I said I'd do ;)

P.P.S. If you want to be accountable for doing this one thing to make this week one point better, post on LinkedIn about it and tag me (I'm '@Steve Parks'). I'll check in with you next week to see how it went.