It's harvest season, and hopefully it's the same for you in your agency — the start of a busy couple of months gathering in the fruits of your efforts over the year.

Here's a roundup of what what's new at Convivio in the last few weeks, so you can catch up on anything you missed...

In the Agency Playbook

Members on one of our 'advisory board' plans get access to the full Agency Playbook. This is a continuously expanding vital manual for owners of creative and digital agencies. During September we:

  • Added a page on Purpose to the Pyramid of Purpose, explaining what purpose really is, and providing a few exercises to help you discover the purpose for your agency.
  • Added a page on Prospect/Client interviews, to help you develop your purpose and also to help more broadly in your product/service development, marketing and sales.
  • Started a new Tools and Services section, in which we'll gather collections of the external providers agencies rely on, with a page on Transcription Tools.
  • Launched a new Agency Finances section.

On the blog

The blog features our newsletter editions, plus some occasional other posts. Here's what we published in September:

Coming up in October

  • Advisory Board: The October board papers have already gone out, with a focus this month on: (1) how clients may be impacted by global and national disruptions; and (2) what the key motivators are in your agency and how to maximise those.
  • Playbook: We'll expand the new section on agency finances, and continue expanding the sections on continuous agency transformation, and the pyramid of purpose. Plus there'll be a new page on agency business plans.
  • Book Briefs: A summary for agency leaders of So Good They Can't Ignore You by Cal Newport.
  • Agency Radar: Want to know what's in store for 2023 ready for your annual planning? The next report will be out in the next few weeks.
  • Workshops: We're giving two live workshops, one on Horizon Scanning for Agency Owners, and one on Powering up your agency with culture, strategy and purpose (The Pyramid of Purpose). These are half day session via Zoom, designed to be affordable and accessible for all agency founders (and Convivio Advisory Board plan members get a free place on any courses they like). Book now!
  • Office Hours: Steve's office hours monthly zoom is on the first Tuesday of each month. This is a casual chance to ask questions about the playbook, anything from our training, or just shoot the breeze about running agencies. Members will already have the link to book in, but email if you need a reminder.

Have a fantastic October!