One of the biggest impacts you can have as a leader is noticing good people doing great things and thanking them.

It's great to show your appreciation straight away in conversation, email or a text — but sending a written note has an even bigger impact. Think about how you feel if someone ever sends you something in the post to say thanks.

I've built up a collection of random postcards and keep some in my laptop bag with postage stamps. It makes it easy to just dash off a quick note and drop it in a post box.

I also subscribe to a photo-card app (Touchnote in my case, but others are available) that allows me to easily send physical postcards with photos I've taken.

These two things are part of the way I've designed saying thanks into my way of working, meaning I can do it more easily and therefore more regularly.

This week, design an approach that will work for you, to make it easier to say thanks to people in a way they'll remember. And keep an eye out for a few opportunities to use it.

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