'Positioning Your Agency for the Global Recovery' Workshop — Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

In-depth research & thinking presented clearly for you — so when you have time to work ON your business, you can know what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Board Briefings: Spur the thinking and debate of your agency board, helping you make meetings valuable.

What Works: What successful agencies do on a key topic. Stand on the shoulders of others.

Book Briefs: Summaries of key books — plus how to actually apply the ideas in an agency.

Latest Board Briefs

Three women in a meeting sitting on chairs at a table

Diversity, Inclusion and Impact

This Board Briefing looks at the complex issues around equality and diversity in the workplace, discussing terminology, opportunity, with many practical actions.

Positioning for the recovery

This Board Briefing paper examines what agencies need to do to position the business for the post-Covid, post-Brexit recovery. Why do clients need your agency, and what sets you apart?

Latest What Works

People sitting on chairs around a table in a collaborative meeting

What Works: Agency Boards

What agencies can learn from fast-moving tech startups about having an effective and valuable board of directors to help steer the business.

What works: Certifications and accreditations

A detailed look at the role that certifications and accreditations have in both the operation and the public view of your agency, covering four areas: quality, ethics, environment, and people

What works: Case studies

All you need to know about case studies, with an in-depth look at what works — the why, what, and how of creating them and using them.

Latest Book Briefs

How Spies Think, by David Omand

What can agency leaders learn from spies? A review of 'How Spies Think' by David Omand, with practical guidance to turn words into action.
The book, Banking On It, by Anne Boden, on a garden wall with a cup of coffee and a pair of glasses

Banking On It, by Anne Boden

Both an autobiography and a business book, Banking On It is Anne Boden's story of how an idea about how banking could be done better grew into a disruptive new bank, Starling.
Silhouette of person looking up at colourful night sky with stars and Milky Way

Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit

When times are dark, those who keep the flame of hope alive can create the seeds for the biggest change in the future. A book for agency leaders preparing for the coming recovery.