Board Briefings

Board Briefing: Behaviours review

Take a step back from the day to day of the business, and take a look at how the agency demonstrates its stated behaviours.
Board Briefings
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Board Briefing: Avoiding margin squeeze

The Radar Report identifies Margin Squeeze as a key issue. Agency boards need to consider the multiple factors causing this and decide how to protect or even grow margins.
Board Briefings
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Diversity, Inclusion and Impact

This Board Briefing looks at the complex issues around equality and diversity in the workplace, discussing terminology, opportunity, with many practical actions.
Board Briefings

Positioning for the recovery

This Board Briefing paper examines what agencies need to do to position the business for the post-Covid, post-Brexit recovery. Why do clients need your agency, and what sets you apart?
Board Briefings

Board Briefing: The Pandemic in 2021

With almost a year's experience of the COVID-19 pandemic in hand, we're publishing the research and analysis necessary to make business plans for 2021. How will the pandemic affect your agency in 2021? What impact will it have on your team, your clients, your community? What can you do to prepare?