Part of the FLAME agency leadership framework, Momentum is about ensuring the business is making constant and sustainable progress.


To review the 'engine' of business within the agency, to maximise it's ability to remove thinking and doing on everyday activities from key people — so minimising the agency's reliance on individuals.


Healthy agencies develop a consistent momentum across all their activities, rather than the rollercoaster ride that comes with spurts and lulls of activity.

In order to do this they need to depend less on the energy and thinking of individual people, which can wax and wane, and instead develop an 'engine' in the business itself.

That engine is there to drive the business continuously and sustainably.

Even when the founder is on holiday, the engine keeps running.

This is what creates momentum in the business.

Momentum that is constant and sustainable.

In order to design, and continuously tune this engine, consider the following areas: