In previous board briefings we’ve covered the problems of the pandemic and the things to think about in preparation. The businesses that are well prepared will be the ones to survive.

In this board paper we begin to look at how the survivors might then thrive by being well-positioned in their clients’ eyes, and provide areas to explore as a board to position the business for new opportunities that emerge. There will be opportunities among the problems, and green shoots will emerge.

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We’re going to cover these areas:

  • Why do clients need your agency?
  • What is your agency’s area of focus? (often thought of as the only part of ‘positioning’)
  • What will it be like to work with you?
  • What are your opinions?

And then we’ll look at the importance of building a narrative around your agency using these building blocks, which cements your positioning.

The idea of the paper is to give you areas for discussion as a board, and some ideas for activities to do within the company to feed into that — like having a non-exec or a consultant. If you’d like the author of the briefing to present a session at your meeting, facilitate a discussion or workshop, please contact us.