Agency Senate Reports
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Retaining Top Talent

We asked Senators about their experience of attracting, supporting and retaining top talent in their agency, and the actions they're taking to respond to the challenges.
Agency Senate Reports
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Dealing with Decision Hesitancy

We asked Senators about their experience of decision hesitancy in recent months, and the actions they're taking to deal with it.
Agency Senate Reports
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Being an Effective Leader and a Good Person

We asked the Senate about what it takes to be both a good human being and do the difficult things of effective leadership.
Agency Senate Reports
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How are Boards Used by Agencies?

We asked senators about their experience of boards of directors, in their own agency and in the agency world at large.
Agency Senate Reports

Crisis and Continuity Lessons from the Pandemic

We asked senators about what they think agency leaders have learned from the pandemic about preparing for and responding to crises, and business continuity.
Agency Senate Reports

Agency Leadership and the Changing Workplace

We asked Senators about the pressures on agency leaders, about leadership fatigue and the question of burnout.
Agency Senate Reports
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The Next 6 Months for Agencies

What's on the horizon for agencies in the next six months? We asked the members of the Agency Senate to look forward at the risks and opportunities ahead.
Agency Senate Reports

Agencies and Climate Change

The Agency Senate expresses its opinions, its confidence, and its reasoning on a question of climate change and how agencies might respond.