It's easy to feel overloaded as the leader of an agency. You can't manage time, but you can manage your focus.

Tuesdays: 24th May 2022, 7th June 2022, 28th June 2022, 5th July 2022, 26th July 2022
14:00–17:00 UK time
Via Zoom

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About this event

What is happening in the world? In society? In your market? How will that affect your clients and your agency? How can you prepare?

The very reason clients need agencies is to help them navigate the zig-zag changing world. Therefore, agencies have to be better than their competitors (and the clients) at seeing what is ahead.

In this workshop we'll show you some simple tools and methods you can use for horizon scanning to get your own insights into the future, plus we'll share insights from our research into what is ahead. Then in a practical session we'll help you develop your own 'radar' of risks, opportunities and trends to navigate with — and identify some ways to use this to help deepen your client relationships now.

This workshop is a compressed version of an in-depth workshop we run in-house for agency boards and leadership teams — so it presents a lot of value in a short time and for a low price. We're aware of the pressures on agencies right now, and want to help as many as possible.

A golden age

The world is in turmoil after a pandemic, political disputes, war, and now possibly recession — and this is going to bring a golden age for (some) agencies.

Agencies with a clear vision for what will come next, and how they can help deliver that, will thrive. They'll be sought out by clients as guides to explore the changed landscape, and will build lasting reputations on the back of the work they do now. Other agencies, not so much.

Seeing ahead

Our team predicted the pandemic, and lockdowns, in January 2020.

In June 2021 we predicted inflation, international conflict, 'talent turbulence' and recession. Now we're dialling up our predictions for recession.

"I ignore a lot of what people predict, but when Steve Parks speaks, I listen" — Ian Harris, Agency Hackers.

This is all part of the research work we do for the Agency Radar

This workshop

This workshop is for agencies and professional services firms of all types. What the business does is not key to the day, it's the fact that it is a client services business that provides the talents of your team to client organisations. So this is relevant to marketing agencies, PR agencies, digital agencies, consultancies and more.

The focus of this workshop is to coach you, and equip you with the tools, to explore what big changes could be coming in your marketplace, how you will prepare your own agency, and how you can use these insights to the future to get closer to your clients and become higher-value trusted advisers.

In the workshop you'll:

  • Learn some simple tools to use for horizon scanning in your own agency
  • Be briefed on the insights from our in depth research into risks, opportunities and trends for agencies (this bit alone will be worth way more than the workshop fee)
  • Work through practical exercises to develop a draft of your agency's own horizon scan
  • Get to spend time with other agency owners and discuss what's on the horizon, comparing notes with your peers

By the end of the workshop you'll have a clearer insight into the future, and be equipped with the practical tools to implement these approaches in your agency and with your clients.


All times are for the UK timezone.

14:00 Workshop introduction and context

14:15 The Agency Radar and Horizon Scanning: Introducing the key tools and methods that will help you see ahead in your market

14:30 What's ahead? The coming risks, opportunities and trends. Insights from our research to inform your own horizon scanning. Will there be a recession? What will happen with the talent crunch? And more

15:15 Developing your own agency radar. Guiding you through a practical exercise to identify the risks, opportunities and trends for your own agency and your market.

16:00 Delegates share back their work, and compare notes

16:30 How to use your agency's radar insights with clients to deepen and strengthen your relationships, and increase your value

17:00 Ends

Workshop leaders

The session will be presented and facilitated by:

Steve Parks, CEO, Convivio

Steve has led agencies and professional services businesses for over twenty years, from startups through to 170 people in nine countries. He was recently named as one of the ten most inspiring agency leaders in the UK in a survey of over 2,000 agencies, organised by Benchpress.

Dr Joe Baker, Chief Research Officer, Convivio

Joe leads the research work that underpins our key ideas. His background in academia, as well as years working at senior level in agency environments, mean he is ideally placed to understand the issues and develop solutions.


The workshop will take place via Zoom, and links will be provided nearer the time.

This is a public workshop and we ask that no more than 3 people from each agency attend, so that there can be sharing between multiple agencies.

We also offer private in-company workshops for your leadership team. Email us for details on