Learn the elements of great agency positioning and work through practical exercises to develop your own strategy.

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10:00–17:00 GMT
Via Zoom

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About this event

The world is in flux as it moves steadily from crisis to recovery, and that's going to bring a golden age for agencies — as has happened after every major crisis in the past.

Agencies with a clear vision for what will come next, and how they can help deliver that, will thrive. They'll be sought out by clients as guides to explore the changed landscape, and will build lasting reputations on the back of the work they do now.

This workshop is for agencies and professional services firms of all types. What the business does is not key to the day, it's the fact that it is a client services business that provides the talents of your team to client organisations. So this is relevant to marketing agencies, PR agencies, digital agencies, consultancies and more.

The focus of this workshop is to coach you, and equip you with the tools, to explore what big changes could be coming in your marketplace, how you will pitch those changes to clients, and how you will position your agency to be the perfect partner to navigate this change.

In the workshop you'll:

  • Learn why clients turn to agencies, and work out where you are in the matrix, and where you want to be
  • Learn how to identify the area of focus for your agency and describe it to clients in a way they can connect with
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself with your culture and methods
  • Learn how to develop a powerful narrative for change that will inspire your clients to act
  • Work through practical exercises at each of these stages to develop a draft of your agency's new positioning for the recovery
  • Get to spend time with other agency leaders working on improving their positioning and be able to compare notes.

By the end of the day you'll be fired up for what's next, and ready to start working with your team to develop your ideas further and make them happen.

Engaging, well-explained topic. Felt like I came away with a lot of useful things I need to go away and try to implement with my team. Really good workshop, thanks!
Simon R Jones
CEO, Studio 24
Positioning Your Agency for the Global Recovery workshop Learn the elements of great agency positioning and work through practical exercises to develop your own strategy. https://www.convivio.com/events/workshop-positioning-your-agency-for-the-global-recovery/ Convivio

Workshop leaders

The session will be presented and facilitated by:

Steve Parks, CEO, Convivio

Steve has led agencies and professional services businesses for over twenty years, from startups through to 170 people in nine countries. He was recently named as one of the ten most inspiring agency leaders in the UK in a survey of over 2,000 agencies, organised by Benchpress.

Dr Joe Baker, Chief Research Officer, Convivio

Joe leads the research work that underpins our key ideas. His background in academia, as well as years working at senior level in agency environments, mean he is ideally placed to understand the issues and develop solutions.


The sessions are divided into a two hour session in the morning, then a two hour lunchbreak, followed by a three hour session in the afternoon (with a teabreak part way through). The workshop will be action focused with the chance to get straight into developing your positioning and getting feedback from the course leaders and other participants.

The workshop will take place via Zoom, and links will be provided nearer the time. Access to Google sheets will be needed for the practical session.

Delegates will receive a digital copy of an Agency Radar board briefing paper on Positioning for Recovery, worth £450, that they can use with others in their agency to work on the ideas after the workshop.

The workshop will be limited to twelve participants to ensure there is enough support for every delegate during the practical work.

This is a public workshop and we ask that no more than 3 people from each agency attend, so that there can be sharing between multiple agencies.

We also offer private in-company workshops for your leadership team. Email us for details on hello@convivio.com