How does Agency Radar work?

What does Agency Radar do for me?

Agency Radar gives leaders like you the information, insights and approaches they need to be more productive and effective in their strategic leadership role themselves, rather than having to rely on others to do it for them.

With the regular intelligence briefings and business analysis you get with an Agency Radar subscription, you will feel more confident, effective, and in control as you lead your business.

£450 seems like a lot to me. Is it worth it?

Agency Radar is the intelligence service for your agency, like having your own team of researchers and analysts, all with expertise in what it takes to run an agency business, presenting you with incisive reports to help your leadership and board consider more strategic issues.

Think in terms of the value of time. What would it cost to hire even just one person with the expertise to prepare these briefings for you? £450 is a small fraction of this.

Then think in terms of value. If you could have been warned about the pandemic in January 2020, with the need for lockdowns and home-working for long periods, a few months before people in the UK took it seriously, what advantage would that have provided you with? Would that have been worth £450? We warned of the pandemic and the need to update business continuity plans on 11th January 2020.

If even just one of our reports a year is valuable to your agency, it’ll have such an impact we believe it’ll be worth a significant multiplier of the actual cost.

Why is it only £450?!

By delivering the briefings digitally, instead of as in-person consultancy, we’re able to make them available to as many agencies as possible.

These are hard times for some agencies. A niche expensive service wouldn’t be accessible for everyone. We think that at £450, any agency that needs to have a firm grip on their business and seize their opportunities will be able to afford to subscribe and improve their strategic planning.

To help us keep it at this accessible level, please spread the word. The more agencies who are part of this, the more value we can provide, while keeping the price within reach of as many agencies as possible.

What’s the commitment?

Nothing. Zip. Zero.

You pay month by month. You can cancel at any time. We only want people who really get value from it. There are no commitments beyond that.

Subscribe for a month to try it out — you get the first two weeks as a free trial.

If you don’t feel it adds value to your agency, cancel. Your maximum risk is £450. That’s manageable, isn’t it? ;)

My sector is really different. Is Agency Radar relevant to me?

Agency Radar is about the issues and qualities of agency leadership. There are some things that are distinctive for specific sectors and industries, of course, but there are way more things that are common experiences across businesses in all sectors.

This is where an Agency Radar subscription will help you.

  • Principles and practices for positioning your agency.
  • Strategic planning for the road ahead.
  • Effective financial management of your agency finances.
  • Calming the storm of agency information to simplify your everyday decisions.
  • What you need to know for the challenges of managing and leading people.
  • Analysis of the threads of current affairs for how they impact your agency and your sector.
  • Thorough assessments of the best tools for running your business.
What if I want to cancel?

No problem. We don't hide the cancel button.

Just login to your Agency Radar account to manage it yourself at any time.

No emails. No process. No delays. Just one button to cancel.

Sure, but there are the plenty of alternatives, right

Yes, there are other ways that you can get the expert analysis and insights that Agency Radar gives you. You could:

  • Hire a consultant
  • Hire a non-executive director
  • Take time out and do some training, e.g. take an MBA
  • Hire a full leadership team, train them up on the business, or promote a leadership team and train them up in running businesses, and step back to be more strategic

These are often expensive, though, or require even more time to action than you have now as an agency leader.