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Mad Men

An entertaining watchalong of Mad Men on Prime, looking at what agency leaders can learn in each episode

Mad Men S1E9 — Shoot

Each Monday we watch an episode of Mad Men (available on Amazon Prime) and put together notes on what we can learn from it about running agencies. Read an introduction to this blog

Mad Men S1E8 — The Hobo Code

This important episode looks at the origins of Don Draper and of Peggy, contrasted with the stories of Pete and Sal, through the linked themes of 'Facing up to the truth' and 'Moving on'

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Mad Men S1E6 — Babylon

This episode is all about the characters aspiring to some ideal that is forbidden to them. The focus is on the female characters, their aspirations, and the things that stand in their way

Mad Men S1E5 — 5G

This episode is all about the boundaries that people instinctively create around themselves, and their reactions when those boundaries are crossed. It looks at unhealthy rivalries that can develop within the business.

Mad Men S1E4 — New Amsterdam

The theme of this episode is generational clashes — the older, experienced generations with established success and earned rewards, and the younger, ambitious generation pushing to create its own space

Mad Men S1E2 - Ladies Room

Watch-along with Mad Men Season 1, Episode 2, which is all about the agency and what drives the firm's business and staying focussed on the whole, not just the fun stuff

Introducing Mad Men Monday

Mad Men is now included on Amazon Prime, so join us in a watch-along of a new episode each Monday night (perhaps with an Old Fashioned to hand if that’s your thing). We’ll post up an article about the episode, and we can all learn something and get some new ideas together.