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Agency Playbook

Agency CEO

Vital playbooks for agency CEOs, at every stage of your agency's life.

From the hands-on work during your start-up phase, through to leading a team and stepping back from being a practitioner, there's playbooks here for all you need to know to cut a dash in the CEO hat, and lead your business iwth confidence.

Playbook items: 18
Agency Playbook

Problem scouting

In the earlier stages of the agency lifecycle you pretty much have to deal with problems as they come up, but from the Smarten-up phase onwards you have to get ahead of things more.
Agency Playbook

Notes: Giving and receiving feedback

Giving feedback well is a vital part of any leadership role. But it's also really important that you're able to share your plans and ideas and consult on them — soliciting feedback from key people or the entire organisation.
Agency Playbook

The Start-up stage: overview

At this stage of the business, it's mainly about just cracking on with sales and project delivery. But it is important to ensure you are working towards a clear direction and making progress towards that.