This page is part of the Agency Evolution series.

A vital part of agency evolution is work on defined pieces of work to improve the way the agency works.

Agencies might call these pieces of work initiatives, internal projects, innovation projects or something else — but we favour calling them 'Agency Missions'.

This name focuses attention on the fact that it is a journey to a desired outcome for the agency, that it needs to have some kind of constraints, structure and discipline, and that it is experimental so might not work. It stresses the sense of purpose, rather than just the need to get tasks done.

Convivio has designed a structured approach to 'Agency Missions' to help guide Agency Evolution.

When you've identified some area you'd like to improve in the agency, some problem you'd like to solve, or if someone proposes an idea, you can then guide things through the Agency Mission stages.

Design a mission

Missions can be spun up out of: