One of our motivations for people to work in agencies is to have the inspiration, freedom and support to learn more than is possible in other careers. Great agency team members tend to value growing themselves, their knowledge and their expertise as they continually seek to be better, and do their best work.

That means that it's important for a healthy agency to have a healthy approach to continuing professional development (CPD). It doesn't just help the agency to improve through developing the team, it helps to attract better new recruits in the first place.

You as a leader should also be investing time and thought in your own professional development (of which your Convivio membership is a big part, so congratulations already! 😎)

Learning and development in agencies is often ad-hoc, so we've developed a lightweight but more structured approach you can use.

In this approach to continuing professional development, we apply the iterative, experimental approach of agile to support the way you and your team can learn. It will allow you to have a lot of freedom, but with an underlying structure to help you regularly reflect and plan to adjust the course of your professional development as you work.