As leaders we need to keep an eye on how our business is performing. It's easy to get metrics for finances and sales, but much harder to understand how our agency is doing in providing a great place to work.

Nothing can beat being an empathetic, listening leader who spends time out in the business in conversation with people. This is 'management by wandering around', and is vital to keeping you in touch with what's really going on and how people feel.

But it can also be really valuable to have a more objective view on the business that can help to see the trends over time, and that's where staff engagement surveys can help.

Staff engagement survey questions

Asking the right questions in staff engagement surveys is the key, and its worth spending time researching, drafting, reviewing and editing the question set to get the best measures.

It's important to keep a core set of questions the same in every survey, because a lot of the insight to be gained is from the trends over time, rather than the snapshot itself. So, is

Here are two sets of staff engagement survey questions. You can use one of these, or take them as inspiration for your own: