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What do you mean by an 'agency'
A client services business which makes money through the knowledge, skills and creativity of its staff. That includes creative, PR, branding, digital, comms, experiential, video, advertising and more.
Is this only for agencies?
Yes. The agency business model is very different, because it is so focused on people and purpose. There is lots of general business support and advice out there, but a company making products, or in retail or finance is completely different from an agency. We wanted to focus totally on what leaders of agencies really need.
Will this be relevant for my type of agency?
Yes. Our entire focus is to help you lift out from the daily grind of operations and client work, and work on the business instead — mindfully designing a better agency and being more proactive and strategic. You need to be an owner, a director a CEO, rather than a manager or practitioner. At that high level it doesn't matter what type of agency you run.