Here we analyse the Agency Senate membership, examining various aspects of the both the Senators themselves and the agencies they lead. All the data here is anonymised and displayed in aggregate.

There are a number of areas where the Agency Senate is broad and nuanced, a good representation of the range of agencies and people in agency leadership. There are other areas where the Senate is under-represented. As we continue to invite people to take a seat in the Senate, these insights will help us to broaden our reach.

Note: The Agency Senate is relatively new and still being formed. The charts, graphs and evaluations presented below will change as more people join the Senate.

Data valid as of 20 December, 2021.

Who are the Senators?

What kind of agency leaders have a seat in the Senate?

About Senators' Leadership Role

  • Most senators have the CEO position.
  • Most senators are the agency owner.
  • A significant proportion have the combined CEO–owner/founder role
  • There are a large number whose role is primarily the agency founder.
  • The minority have a board or non-executive role primarily.

Leadership Experience

Is this your first agency leadership role?

About Senators' Leadership Experience

  • Most senators are in their first agency leadership role.
    • This suggests a large cross-over with the substantial number of agency owners/founders in the senate — most senators are running the agency the senator started, and have stayed in it all along.
  • There is a growing number of Senators who have led other agencies before, or who have previous business leadership experience.
  • The majority of senators have been in their current role for substantially more than a decade.
    • The distribution of lengths of time in role is fairly wide, and getting broader as the Senate membership grows.

The Demographics of the Agency Senate

  • Most Senators are mid-career, though a substantial number are younger.
    • The age range of Senators has widened.
  • There is an increasing number of women in the Agency Senate.
    • However, most Senators are men.

The Agencies Represented in the Agency Senate

Agency Sizes

Looking at the breadth of sizes of agencies represented in the Senate.

In the last financial year:

  • Over half the agencies represented in the Senate had a turnover less than £5m.
  • The largest band of agencies, over a third of the Senate, had turnover £5m–£10m.
  • There is a sizeable number with turnover higher than that.
  • However, the balance between the number of agencies represented in the Senate in each turnover band is more even now.
  • Over half of the agencies represented in the Senate are business of less than 50 people.
  • More than a third have between 30–74 people in the team.
  • A fifth are larger than 75 people.
  • Most Senate agencies were formed more than a decade ago.
    • The number that were founded around 2008–10, in the wake of the banking crisis, is large now.
    • The breadth of agency lifetimes is broader now.
  • The majority were formed in the first decade of the Twenty-First century.
  • The Agency Senate stretches across 3 continents.
  • A large majoririty of Senate agencies are in the UK, currently, but the global representation of the agencies in the Senate has become significantly broader.