The Smarten Up service plan is best for you when:

  • Your agency is 30–75 people, roughly — or you're smaller with big plans for growth
  • You want to run your agency with confidence
    • Thrive in leading a business to be proud of
    • Lead a healthy, sustainable agency
  • You’re developing the agency to function without depending on you
    • The agency is maturing
    • You’re becoming the leader of leaders in your agency
    • You want to improve your team’s motivations
    • You want to be in good shape for a potential exit
  • You’re wanting to understand and build towards specific goals
    • What could owning the business achieve for you?
    • Exploring different exit scenarios
    • Understanding ownership models
    • Planning for succession
  • You want to be proactive more than reactive
    • Develop strategic planning
    • Run an effective board and impacctful leadership team
    • Smart actions to prevent problems
    • Calm response to the unexpected

What's included?

What you get:

Features Benefits

You get a dedicated business coach
An experienced and respected former agency leader

Your coach is dedicated to you, and
  • Really knows your business
  • Really understands your objectives
  • Really knows the Convivio Way

Structured progress towards your business objectives
Understand and build towards specific goals

Support focussed on your agency’s needs and your own aims
  • Exploring different exit scenarios
  • Understanding ownership models
  • Planning for succession

Your coach will guide through the Convivio Way
Working closely with you, dovetailed to your needs, growing a mature and healthy business

  • Your coach is an excellent exponent of the framework
  • Your coach will work with you face-to-face, once a month, every month
  • Your coach will be available to you throughout the month

Support in all that's needed for leading your agency
Scheduled across the business year, working hand-in-hand towards your outcome goals

  • Annual owner’s retreat, to evaluate and set objectives
  • Quarterly day-long board retreat
  • Monthly board meetings
  • Strategy and planning towards your outcome scenarios

Equipped with the whole vault of Convivio resources
Designed precisely to your needs, so you're fully equipped

  • You’ll have access to a huge library of briefings and playbooks
  • You’ll receive all Agency Senate reports
  • You’ll get all Agency Radar updates and insights
  • You’ll be guided through the Radar Report, our twice-yearly deep horizon scan of risks, opportunities and priorities
  • And with each element, you’ll get structured coaching for their impact and significance for agency, and help in implementing them in your context

Helpdesk Plus
Your direct helpine

  • Ask anything
  • Your questions go directly to your coach, or whoever else in the Convivio team is best placed to help
  • We’ll make sure you get a swift answer from the right person

‘Office Hours’
Drop-in access to our online seminars: regular deep-dives into subjects that matter for agency leaders, with the Convivio team and occasional guest coaches

  • Explore elements of the Convivio Way in depth
  • Examine the key issues on the horizon for agencies
  • Discuss your questions and get support from the Convivio team, our experts, and other agency owners