The Step Up service plan is best for you when:

  • Your agency is 10–30 people, roughly
  • You’re learning to become the leader of your agency
    • The agency is feeling more solid
    • You need to be less of a practitioner and more of a leader
  • You want to feel you’re not alone at the top
    • You get a wise, experienced agency leader as a coach to talk to each month
    • You get a committed group of peers in your cohort
    • You get an expert team a question away
  • You want to feel confident you’re doing the right things at the right time
    • Share the weight on your shoulders
  • You need structure to tame the chaos
    • Take away the stress and the surprises

What's included?

What you get:

Features Benefits

Join a cohort of peers
Agency coaching in a safe group of 4 agencies, with fellow agency owners you can trust and learn from

  • Your cohort is your ready-made 'virtual board'
  • We provide structure and briefings for the meetings and retreats
  • Work together to build healthy agencies you're proud of, using proven approaches
  • Support and encouragement so you’re not alone at the top

Facilitation, coaching and advice for your cohort
The Convivio experts, plus guest expert coaches and experienced agency leaders, will steer your work together as a cohort

Your facilitator and coaches:

  • Know your business
  • Understand your objectives
  • Are experts in the Convivio Way and all the resources we provide to help you build your agency

Targetted progress towards your business objectives
Developing a sustainable agency, growing towards your ownership goals

The coaching in your cohort is:

  • Designed to realise your agency’s needs
  • Focussed on your own outcomes

A structured programme for leading your agency
Scheduled across the business year, working through the right things at the right time for your agency

  • Annual owner’s retreat, to evaluate and set objectives
  • Quarterly day-long board retreat with your cohort
  • Monthly board meetings with your cohort
  • Expert facilitation by your cohort’s coach

Vault of Convivio resources
Designed precisely to your needs, so you're fully equipped

  • You’ll get a curated library of briefings and playbooks
  • Agency Radar updates and insights
  • Structured coaching to understand and implement things properly in your agency

Agency Helpdesk
Your direct helpine to support for agency owners and leaders

  • Ask us anything
  • We’ll make sure you get a swift answer from the right person

‘Office Hours’
Get support in building and improving your agency by joining Convivio experts and partner coaches on a regular call, with open discussion of any questions or issues you have

  • Explore elements of the Convivio Way in depth
  • Examine the key issues on the horizon for agencies
  • Discuss your questions and get support from the Convivio team, our experts, and other agency owners