What we do

Convivio is a challenger consultancy, helping knowledge-work organisations be more effective in the digital age.

For the public sector

We work with the public sector to explore and address complex systemic problems — through improved openness, collaboration and ways of working, with support from digital tools.


We undertake research and consultancy for clients in the public sector who are working to create positive change in a collaborative and open way.
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We deliver discovery phases for public sector clients in line with the Government Service Standard.
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Alpha experiments

We conduct Alpha phases in line with the Government Service Standard, seeking to conduct lightweight experiments to learn quickly and cheaply from real users.
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For creative agencies

We work with creative agencies and other professional services businesses to improve their leadership, planning and processes.


We help leaders of creative agencies to refine their strategy and planning, and develop their culture and processes
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Agency Radar

A briefing service for agency leaders, giving them insights and analysis to help them act as better shareholders, directors and CxOs
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Free-Range Work

Workplaces are evolving to meet the expectations and needs of a changing society — supported by technology. We call the new approach ‘Free Range Work’, which is made up of three key freedoms: freedom of location, freedom of time and freedom of responsibility.

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