It's too easy to get distracted from working on your business by having to work in it. The pressures of sales and project delivery, management and admin can seem to press so urgently that they consume all the time. That means there's very little left for mindfully designing and growing your agency.

This programme gives you the structure to make that commitment to work on your business achievable. You dedicate just one day a month to shut out the day-to-day, and we'll provide you with the techniques and tools to make it highly effective. Your fellow cohort members know exactly what you're dealing with and can provide that peer support and share their experiences too.

How it works

You commit to spend one full day a month working alongside your cohort members as the owners and board directors of your own businesses, supporting each other.

The Convivio team will support you all too, including providing session guides, workshops, briefings and other tools to help make the sessions highly productive for you.

Over the course of each year, the 1 day per month is used as follows:

  • Agency Owners retreat: Before the start of the year, a full day of thinking as the owners of your separate businesses and supporting each other in thinking long term
  • Board retreats: 3 times a year you spend a full day together, with a chance to work in-depth on your businesses together from the higher altitude of a board. Your cohort members will be your virtual 'board'.
  • Board meetings: In the other 8 months of the year, your day will involve half a day of quiet time to think, prepare and work on guided exercises, plus a three-hour board meeting with your cohort group, where you'll be a virtual 'board' for each of your businesses.