Successful services start with good discoveries, finding the maximum value to be delivered in a match between user needs and organisational objectives.

We deliver discovery phases for public sector clients in line with the appropriate Service Standard (central government, local government or NHS).

We specialise in discoveries where any of the following are true:

  • The problem exists in a complex system that needs to be explored, often involving multiple organisations, stakeholders and groups of users.
  • Data are a key factor.
  • Improving knowledge work and is the focus.
  • Improving collaboration is a focus.

Our approach is a combination of workshops, desk research and user research interviews, in order to:

  • Identify areas where organisational objectives and user needs meet, signposting routes to delivering value
  • Evaluating the options for approaches, across all channels, that could deliver this value, that could be explored in Alpha
  • Seek prior work across a wide spectrum that could be learned from
  • Gain a view of the marketplace for effective ways to implement these approaches
  • Identify factors that could increase value and reduce risk
  • Recommend approaches, constraints and next steps to proceed

The work in Discovery is crucial to the potential future success of any programme of work.

By being a challenger consultancy, we do not have a 'land and expand' mindset. We don't do Beta or Live phases of projects. This allows us to give truly independent advice during Discovery and Alpha.