Helping teams to adopt the practices of Free-Range Work to enable better collaboration and high effectiveness

The prospect of emerging slowly from lockdown, but with the pandemic still ongoing for the foreseeable future, means the idea of 'Hybrid work' is becoming popularised. By this, people mean that some colleagues work from an office, while others work from home. And that's the end of the concept.

We don't think that will work. Thinking about freedom of location in isolation is seeing only a small percentage of the issues.

For years we've worked in a way that we call Free-Range. It's a combination of three freedoms that are essential for effective knowledge work:

  • Freedom of location
  • Freedom of time
  • Freedom of responsibility

All of these need to be present for knowledge workers to thrive, but they can be very daunting for organisations and stakeholders to accept — despite the evidence of people's productivity in lockdown during a global crisis.

We offer a range of services to help organisations and teams learn about, adopt and succeed with Free Range Working:

  • Training workshops
  • Team or leader coaching
  • Speaking about Free Range at internal or public conferences and events

Contact us to find out how we can help you discover a new era of knowledge work.

You can also read our introduction to Free Range Work on our blog.