We work with clients in the public sector who are working to create positive change in a collaborative and open way.

Some of the areas we can help with:

  • Research
  • Improving working practices
  • Improving governance processes
  • Pre-discovery work to define a programme and potential discoveries
  • Facilitating the development of (digital/data/other) strategy
  • Facilitating closer collaboration within or between organisations
  • Technology evaluation

Your brief is likely to be a good fit for us, and us for it, if it involves some of the following:

  • Raises big questions to answer rather than sets tasks — “How might we achieve X?” rather than “Go away and build us X”. Plenty of other suppliers can do the tasks projects, more cheaply, and we have partner agencies we involve for these later stages of projects..
  • Requires improved collaboration within or between organisations
  • Involves improving access to, and quality of, information or data
  • Involves improving people’s working lives
  • Involves improving the effectiveness and impact of an organisation
  • Involves making things more open and shared
  • Addresses a meaningful problem in a complex system
  • May involve using digital tools and services to support the objectives

What we don’t do: Build websites or do technology implementations. We have partner agencies we engage for projects that require this, allowing us to remain technology agnostic to avoid conflicts of interest in our consultancy/discovery/alpha work, and in facilitating multi-vendor delivery without a conflict with agencies that have been engaged.