Public Sector

We helped the UK Government’s Cabinet Office explore how it could enable greater sharing between departments of the £2bn of scientific research it commissions each year.

We helped move the entire recruitment process for UK judges online, to become more inclusive and transparent. There are now sitting judges who have applied on a phone or tablet.

We helped the UK Government’s National Leadership Centre connect up CEO-level leaders across the entire public sector for better collaboration and peer-support.

We helped the National Leadership Centre provide front-line insights from data, surveys and interviews to the COBR meetings for the UK’s pandemic response.

We helped Hackney Borough Council explore how it could better signpost residents to the services they need, and connected them up with existing efforts by other local authorities and MHCLG.

Creative Agencies

We helped creative agencies develop their strategy and positioning for the post-pandemic recovery.

We developed a Balanced Agency Finances Dashboard, to help creative agency leaders better manage their business.

Free Range Work

We’ve helped multiple teams in central government in the UK to work more inclusively, collaboratively and effectively across multiple locations.

We can help you to connect people and information, with more open and collaborative working.