Convivio is committed to doing our part to act as a responsible corporate citizen in the face of the global climate crisis.

That means we are working urgently to minimise our impact, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2025. In parallel we are exploring ways in which we could switch to having a positive impact.

Minimising impact

Web Hosting, including the Agency Leaders Playbook, is hosted in the AMS1 data centre, which is 100% powered by renewable energy. It has also introduced initiatives to provide cooling to the highest energy efficiency standards.

For the remaining carbon footprint, our hosting provider purchases carbon offset credits via Frontier.

In the development of our site and services we seek to keep the design and code clean and simple to minimise its processing demands.


We don't have a central office, working instead from co-working spaces and home offices.

We select co-working spaces on factors that include their own commitments to the climate.

In our home offices we are switching to renewable energy suppliers, wearing jumpers and slippers in colder weather to reduce heating usage, and we don't use air conditioning in hot weather.

We use Apple hardware, and Apple is working towards being carbon neutral, including its supply chain, by 2030.


We minimise travel by hosting events and meetings mostly on videoconferencing.

These steps are just a start, and we are working towards further improvements.

Having a positive impact

We have done some of the usual things like planting trees (literally going and planting hundreds of them ourselves, as well as funding many more), but we are exploring more substantial ways we can switch our impact on the climate to be positive.

We don't count simple buying more carbon credits than necessary as a positive impact.