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The Agency Positioning briefing crystallised my thinking about our proposition, what we are here for and reminded me to keep things simple. It helped me articulate our agency's specialism and for the team understand the value of their skills and roles.
David Mann
Managing Director, dxw
Positioning for the recovery This Board Briefing paper examines what agencies need to do to position the business for the post-Covid, post-Brexit recovery. Why do clients need your agency, and what sets you apart? Convivio

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Seeing in the dark

What is your view of the future like? How could you establish a regular practice of researching ahead and developing insights into your perspective on what's coming?
Graph with increasing costs in Euros

Leading an agency in a time of high inflation (pt. 1)

Inflation around the globe is escalating quickly. In all likelihood, the world is on the brink of an era of high inflation. A recession may even be on the horizon. This is completely new for virtually all agencies … and most agency leaders, too.

The fast lane

Part of attracting people to join is showing the benefits to their whole career of spending part of the prime of their working life in an agency.

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