'Positioning Your Agency for the Global Recovery' Workshop — Wednesday, 22 September, 2021

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The Convivio Finance Dashboard provides a holistic view of how we’re doing as an agency. As a senior team, we use it in our monthly board meeting to help us develop our strategic approach and we share the dashboard with the wider team during our quarterly meetings. It’s a simple way for the team to understand the health of our agency and gives them confidence in our business, without diving into the detail.
Louise Towler
Managing Director, Indigo Tree
Healthy Agency Finances workshop Learn how to think about agency finances in a balanced way, and develop a dashboard giving your leadership team a clear view of your business https://www.convivio.com/events/workshop-healthy-agency-finances/ Convivio


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The long game

Three approaches to learning that have helped two agency leaders build long-lasting businesses.

Decision Fatigue

"We're getting more leads in the top of the funnel, but fewer of them are closing than ever. Everything seems to be in stasis. Nobody is making any decisions!" This is an approximation

Pulling in the right direction?

When I'm in London, my daily walk takes me around a boating lake. There are often people in the boats who have never rowed before. They get handed the oars, shown where to

What are agencies for?

Here's an existential question to start the week. Why do agencies exist? Why do clients need them? My answer is best summed up by this diagram: Client organisations are generally boxy and square,