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The Convivio Finance Dashboard provides a holistic view of how we’re doing as an agency. As a senior team, we use it in our monthly board meeting to help us develop our strategic approach and we share the dashboard with the wider team during our quarterly meetings. It’s a simple way for the team to understand the health of our agency and gives them confidence in our business, without diving into the detail.


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Agency friends

I left the BBC many years ago, but they emailed me last week with an update of what's going on in the organisation, invited me to some staff events, and also asked me

The big renewal

Last week I had a chat with an agency leader frustrated that one of her team members was leaving. But then she admitted there was an element of relief too, because the person

Good leaders, bad news

Bad leaders want to be popular, shying away from bad news. Good leaders know that trust is the currency of leadership, not popularity.

The Risk Radar

Making risks more visible to make them part of regular conversation The recent Covid-19 pandemic took most people and organisations by surprise, including most of the UK public sector. "It's a black swan