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The way to a healthy agency

Your agency. Your life. Your way.

Remember when your agency was all dreams, no drama?

Join us to tame the chaos, reignite your passion, and build the healthy agency you've always dreamed of.

So here's the thing with being an Agency Founder

You started an agency to...

- Have freedom
- Build wealth
- Use your creative talents
- Break away from the 9-5 drudgery
- Work on great things
- Make a ding in the universe

And it all went great!

You won some cool clients
Hired a talented team
Did some great work
Made some money
And you felt free and fulfilled

But then...

Something changed as the agency grew.
You ended up as a manager rather than a creative leader.
You escaped the 9-5 drudgery to end up with 8-8 drudgery (or worse).
You feel like you're always firefighting rather than getting ahead.
There always seem to be speed bumps in the way of growth.
You learn the hard way for each new thing, wasting time and money.
You feel like you're tackling it all alone.

You started your agency to be creative

Well, your next big creative project is to design and lead a healthier agency that fulfils your potential