Last Sunday I went to the carnival in our nearest city.

Dozens of floats carried huge-scale puppets and mechanised moving sets.

They depicted firefighters tackling the blaze at Notre Dame, Jules Verne exploring under the sea, or a lively auberge hosting a heavy drinking session.

And in between it all were the marching bands.

Every time you see a large group of people on the move, you tend to find there's a drumbeat to set the pace.

Carnivals, armies, protests, royal ceremonies and so on.

Humans need a rhythm to keep moving together well.

In your agency, this is the drumbeat of events, retreats, town-halls, updates from you, ceremonies, milestones, KPI accountability checkpoints, celebrations, and more.

All of them amplifying the purpose, strategy and culture of the agency.

All of them running to a set rhythm that provides the heartbeat of the agency.

All of them creating the momentum of the agency's progress.

This week, think about what your agency's rhythm section is like. What's creating that drumbeat.

How effective it is at keeping everyone moving together? What momentum does it create?