Do you have a board or an advisory board? Are you establishing one?

As well as supporting agency owners through our core programmes (Step Up and Smarten Up), in which we help agency owners to establish and run their advisory boards — two of the senior Convivio team take on a limited number of board roles to help agencies in a much more involved way.

This includes being available as a member of your advisory board, or as a non-exec director (NED). As well as our personal experience and specialisms, we bring the insights, know-how and connections from Convivio's research and toolkits.

The available board members and their areas of main expertise are:

Steve Parks


  • Agencies up to 200 people
  • Strategy, positioning, risk management, business continuity
  • International expansion, working across borders
  • Developing professional services offerings, productising services, moving up the value chain
  • Getting an agency in shape to win and deliver bigger projects from bigger clients
  • Leadership development
  • Becoming more open, transparent and collaborative
  • Growth organically or through acquisition/merger
  • Remote/hybrid/free-range working
  • Sector specialisms: Media; Public Sector; Corporate

Current availability: 1 board role

Joe Baker

Chief Research Officer

  • Agencies up to 75 people
  • Tech/digital strategy
  • Tech leadership and best practice
  • Business prioritisation, translating long-term vision into day-to-day activity
  • Becoming more open, transparent and collaborative
  • Recruitment, compensation, and progression
  • Environmental, social, and corporate governance
  • Developing research and publishing capabilities
  • Remote/hybrid/free-range working
  • Sector specialisms: Tech; Public Sector; Not-for-Profit

Current availability: 2 board roles

Let's talk

You can email either Steve or Joe directly to discuss your needs and a potential board role, or book a Zoom with them using their Calendly:

Steve: | Steve's Calendly

Joe: | Joe's Calendly