The last few years have been hard for agency owners. Chaos in the world has meant chaos in the business. But now things are looking up for many.

I strongly believe we're entering a golden age for agencies.

That's because these times after a crisis, when the world is being remade, are when clients need agencies most.

They feel uncertain about what's ahead, so they need agencies to be their scout, leading them to new opportunities and away from risks. They don't have the right people and skills for new patterns of demand, new technologies or new opportunities, so they need agencies to do the new work. Their organisations aren't flexible enough to adapt to what's changed, so they need their agencies to adapt for them and bridge the gaps. This is what agencies are for.

The next few years will bring huge opportunities for agencies that are in shape to take them. The ones that have solid foundations of culture and processes, a clear purpose and offering that their clients connect with — and above all the ability to sense and adapt their strategy to manage risks and take opportunities.

Are you and your agency ready to make the most of this golden age? What will you do to shape up?

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If you want to set up for 2022 with new insight and energy, bring us in to facilitate an owners retreat for you. Step up to mindfully wear the 'owner' hat, and see your agency as an owner and investor. Starting your year with alignment and direction from this level will set you up right.

The Agency Leaders Playbook has grown again this week, with a whole section added for agency owners on fulfilling the owner role, and particularly how to use an annual owners retreat to (following on from last week's newsletter), Be the owner first.

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