We've learned to accept gravity as a natural force in the world.

Unless we invest thought and energy to counter it, the natural direction of everything on Earth is downwards.

We had to design coat hooks, attach them securely on a wall, and hang our coats on them properly, to prevent our coats falling to the floor.

We designed powerful jet engines, equip them with enough fuel, and pair them with aerodynamic wings and skilled pilots, to keep aeroplanes in the sky.

Look around you now. Everything that isn't on the surface of the planet is staying up where it is because you, with help from other humans, actively did something to counter the force of gravity, while accepting you couldn't override the force itself.

The same kinds of natural forces exist in running our agencies. Unless we invest thought and energy to counter them, everything has a natural direction:

  • Sales will head to zero
  • Costs will rise
  • Staff will leave
  • New people won't join
  • Confusion and mistakes will grow
  • Productivity will drop
  • The agency will go bust

Getting stressed or annoyed with these natural forces is pointless. Don't waste the time and energy on negative thinking loops. You can't change the natural forces that exist.

And simply 'thinking positively' doesn't help either. Try thinking positively that your laptop won't fall on the floor if you put it down a metre in the air without a desk there.

You have to actually do something.

Not just once. All the time.

Your agency has to be thoughtfully designed to counter these natural forces. You need to design in the equivalents of coat hooks, tables and jet engines to keep things going in the opposite direction. Things you can then just take for granted in the same way while they perform their magic every day.

So, don't stress about the natural forces, just accept the reality and act. Every day so that it becomes as unthinking as hanging your coat up.

Once you can reach the same acceptance of these natural forces in your agency as you have with gravity, it'll change your life as a founder.