When clients hire your agency, it's because they have a problem they need to solve.

They need the professionals to come in and fix it. And to them, it's urgent. It's always urgent.

Go with me on this for a moment. Imagine a situation where you've got a really serious problem: You've been kidnapped and are being held in an abandoned building.

How do you feel when you see the SAS, clad in black, rappel down to the windows and burst through in unison? Probably "Oh thank f**k, I'm saved!"

When clients hire you as the professionals to fix their problems, they want to get a similar feeling.

They want a sense of you swinging into action, in such a rapid and co-ordinated way, that they can relax and think "Thank f**k, we're saved, the professionals are here!"

So, once the sale has been completed, and the action begins, just how action packed is it in your agency? What sense do you give of an elite team swinging into action?

Or are you the equivalent of the SAS dropping an email to you, tied up in that abandoned building, promising they'll be in touch next week to set up a meeting to outline three possible kidnapper-handling strategies?