Anyone who's travelled with a child knows the constant demands for progress updates on the journey.

So does any agency founder who has worked with a client. 😜

I've found the route to peace and happiness is the same in either case.

Don't just tell them you'll get there soon. Make the journey clear and engaging, make it visual.

Sit them up in a booster seat to get a better view. Give them a map, with the whole route plotted out. Highlight interesting landmarks along the way. Have almost live updates of progress of their little dot along the route.

Too many agencies, once they swing into action on a project, give clients the experience of being locked in the boot for the journey — only to be let out and shown the destination on arrival.

This week, think about how your agency could make their journey more fun and engaging. Do your clients know what the route looks like from the start? Can they estimate where they are on the map? Do they know what to look out for and when?