Your agency has a team out front playing hard to score the goals.

But sometimes the world is playing the other way — so you want somebody at the back playing defence too.

You need a goal keeper, ready to catch whatever the world kicks back at you.

Last week I wrote that your FD can have more of a role in leading on all your Results in the agency, not just financial.

A part of the role for whoever leads on your Results is acting as this 'goal keeper'.

They can identify what might get in the way of your agency achieving its results.

Then they'll coach and support the team to reduce the likelihood of the risks happening, your vulnerability to them, and being prepared to minimise the impact if they do happen.

By leading on this work, the person leading on Results is able to help protect the agency with better plans, or fallback options, that mean you can still achieve your goals even with fierce opposition.

This is known as Agency Resilience.

Having a smart analytical mind on this over the last 5 years would have saved you a world of pain.

Who could you task with leading on Results, working on your agency's resilience to be able to still achieve them whatever is happening in the world?

How might you get them started?