Part of the Agency Evolution series.

As you go about running a business ideas will pop into your head all the time — "We could do this cool new thing!", "We should start working in this way!", "We should adopt this tool or tech!", "I read this in a book...!", and more.

Most of your team are likely to be doing the same — "At my last agency we...", "I was at a conference and they said...", and so on.

So many ideas build up, and it can be hard to decide which to do. The problems are:

  • you end up with too many ideas to do them all
  • the ones that get done are the fun ones, the cool ones or the ones whose advocates have been louder
  • there are always more tempting ideas, so older ideas tail off before getting finished
  • there's no rhythm to working on them, so everything is ad hoc and gets lost among normal work

The way many agencies gather and work on ideas can be improved by simply giving it a little bit of structure: