When you win a new client, the Action from your agency should kick off straight away.

Most agencies take the call or email with the good news, respond "That's great, thanks very much, we'll be in touch soon to get things started." — and then take days or even a week to do anything.

In that time the client is left wondering what is going on, and has plenty of time for buyer's remorse.

That's the dip after making a big purchase in which the buyer worries about whether they've made the right decision, and may even panic. That can sour the whole project by making them over-cautious and micro-managing — or it can even risk the sale after you're won it.

Therefore, it's vital to start with a planned welcome sequence showing such effectiveness and momentum that the client's confidence is boosted, and they even feel delight — before you even start the project.

In this Playbook page, we'll set out a complete template for such a welcome sequence, including suggestions of what to say and ask at key points.