Vicki Young of branding consultancy Nalla is our guest, talking about how she learned to lead, and the more strategic approach she's working on this year.

Our guest on this episode is Vicki Young, the founder and CEO of Nalla, a brand consultancy based in London, UK.

She talks about:

  • How some early jobs equipped her with some leadership skills, and her first agency jobs gave her some ideas of things she wanted to do differently.
  • Having structured quarterly retrospectives to involve everyone in improving the business.
  • The book Radical Candour by Kim Malone Scott and how it's helping her give clear and direct feedback.
  • The struggle of maintaining connection and engagement during the extended remote working in the pandemic.
  • How she needed to shape the business up to run effectively without her, as she took maternity leave.
  • Taking some inspiration from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and the book Traction by Geno Wickman.
  • Setting up a three year vision, and breaking it down into quarterly goals.
  • Working towards having a more structured board, with retreats for stepping back and thinking about the longer term.

The Convivio Agency Leaders Podcast is presented by Steve Parks and Dr Joe Baker.