Agencies spend most of their marketing effort promoting their business.

Yet it's a truism to say "people buy from people" — particularly in the talent-focused world of agencies.

So, what would it look like if you invested some of that marketing budget in making a few key people on your team a little bit famous?

Weave it into their professional development. Develop their learning, writing, public speaking, video presentation, and social media skills. Support them in becoming deeper experts in their field.

Make time for them to write, post and speak about their topic. Help them run a newsletter and put together a training course.

Sure, they will grow to expect a higher salary as they fend off ever more recruiter calls — but becoming a little bit famous could become one of the key routes for career progression in your agency.

Because, when you get these credible experts in front of a client they will be seen as trusted experts, you're more likely to win the work, and you can charge more.

Building a team of people who are a little bit famous in their specialist subject is a great way to move your agency up the value ladder.

This week, think about who in your agency is well placed to become a little bit famous, with a little bit of help from you.