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The Newsroom

» What can we expect from the Joe Biden presidency?

Read him in his own words, with some potentially concerning news for the UK as we approach the end of the Brexit transition period, especially for those pinning hopes on a swift UK–US trade deal.

Why America Must Lead Again
As president, Joe Biden plans to take immediate steps to renew U.S. democracy and alliances, protect the United States’ economic future, and have America lead the world.

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» Brexit goes down to the line

Analysis from Reuters on the options available in the final Brexit negotiations. Reuters sees three possible outcomes:

  • A thin deal masquerading as the 'oven ready' option, but in reality with little scope for closer integration in areas important to UK agencies, such as services and regulations.
  • A tumultuous no deal, likely declared amid a row that blames European intransigence, with trade between Britain and the EU (and Britain and the rest of the world) falling back on World Trade Organisation rules.
  • A messy fudge, with political grandstanding on both sides, pressure from businesses may force a partial compromise on certain areas at the last minute.
Brexit goes down to the line: Deal, no-deal or fudge?
After nearly five years of Brexit crisis, the European Union and Britain are making a last ditch attempt to clinch a thin trade deal that would govern nearly a trillion dollars in annual imports and exports from 2021.

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» UK's lagging economy

The 2020 UK economic picture is complicated. Beyond the soundbites, here’s some important analysis, from outside the UK and in, on what is actually happening in the UK economy.

Although there's been a much-touted upturn in the 3rd quarter with 15.5% growth July–September, that did little to make up for the 20% lockdown slump. Growth in September in particular was significantly slower. Overall, the UK economy is severely lagging behind other wealthy nations.

The economy is largely being propped up by more than 200 billion pounds of emergency spending and tax cuts from the Chancellor and the Bank of England, masking the real state of affairs.

UK’s lagging economy lost more speed in September, worse ahead
Britain’s economy grew by a slower than expected 1.1% in September from August, lagging other rich nations as it struggled to recover from the shock of the pandemic even before the latest COVID-19 lockdown.

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Things to learn from

» Learning lessons from the last financial crash

In-depth analysis from The Drum on how the economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic will affect some of the biggest brands.

The last recession saw a crop of challenger brands disrupt industries and dominate their rivals – all by offering consumers a way to save cash. Now the next recession has arrived, will we see the same again?

Lessons from the last crash: which brands will be undercut in the new recession?
The last recession saw a crop of challenger brands disrupt industries and dominate their rivals – all by offering consumers a way to save cash. Now the next recession has arrived, will we see the same again?

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» Masks Work. Really.

A visual journey through the microscopic world of the coronavirus shows how masks provide an important defense against transmission.

Masks Work. Really. We’ll Show You How (New York Times [Subscription required])

» What Should Crisis Leadership Look Like?

The animal kingdom offers unexpected guidance for how we might respond to the pandemic.

What Should Crisis Leadership Look Like?
Douglas Starr writes about “swarm intelligence,” a concept central to good leadership in a time of crisis, according to Harvard researchers who studied the response to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

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As an example from the UK, London Borough of Hackney were hacked in early October. One of the leaders believes in transparency, though, and has blogged openly about the experience:

Matthew Cain on that hack. (Part 1 of 4)

Whatever the underlying crisis may be, many of the lessons are the same.

» Design leadership

Andy Budd of Clearleft has been thinking about the challenges designers and creators face when moving into leadership roles. In Being a Player Coach: Is it the best or the worst of both worlds, he shines a light on the pitfalls (and high points) of design leadership.

Being a Player Coach: Is it the best or the worst of both worlds?
At some stage in your design career, you may find yourself at a bit of a crossroads. One path is the path of the craftsperson; a path you’re very experienced and comfortable with. Down the other path…

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What’s going on

Here's some dates in your diary for upcoming events.

» For The Agency Collective members

For members of The Agency Collective there's two upcoming events to look out for:

» Defining your value proposition and improving your pitches
Nov 17, 2020 01:00 PM (London)

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» Profit before purpose: Exploring sustainability, B Corps and impact-led projects
Nov 25, 2020 01:00 PM (London)

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» For Agency Hackers members

For members of Agency Hackers there's also two upcoming events:

» Running An Agency Podcast: Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?
Nov 16, 2020 11:30 AM (London)

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» Zoomed Out: How Are Agencies Keeping The Creative Juice Flowing?
Nov 17, 2020 12:00 PM (London)

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What we’re reading

» A founder’s journey story

Nick Patterson of Storm & Shelter celebrates 7 years in business and reflects back on his founder’s journey in this great article, 7 Things I've Learned in 7 Years as a Founder.

7 Things I’ve Learned in 7 Years as a Founder
Seven years. Seven crazy, fun, stressful and rewarding years of running a production company.

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» ZHC on Advertising

We're big fans of the Storythings newsletter here at Agency Radar, so this week's list of fun distractions kicks off with a recent highlight from there. What YouTuber ZHC Can Teach Us About Advertising charts ZHC's growth from 1,000 subscribers in 2017 to five million subscribers in 2019, with lessons along the way about strategic thinking, experimenting with formats and the future of advertising.

What YouTuber ZHC Can Teach Us About Advertising
How the hell did ZHC become so huge? XHC’s success seems deceptively obvious on the surface. His format is MrBeast meets Andy Warhol. Pop art with a stunt. His viewership was not happenstance. There’s a formula.

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» 10 best practices for running remote workshops

Trenton Moss of Team Serka offers 10 detailed and practical steps to running remote training and workshops online.

Running interactive remote training: 10 best practices

Running interactive remote training: 10 best practices | Team Sterka
Our training is high energy, super-interactive and a great learning experience for everyone - find out how we do it.

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» Great icebreaker ideas for online meetings

With all the online meetings we’re holding now, we all need some good ideas for icebreakers that don’t leave everyone squirming. Here’s six great ones from Emily Webber of Tacit:

Quick icebreakers for online meetings, (that don’t suck) - Emily Webber
Reading Time: 4 minutes Icebreakers seem to have lots of people squirming in their seats, me included. There is a lot of benefit to running them well and downsides when they are not. This post covers why do them and shares some that have gone well for me in the past. I have been running an online le…

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» The Business Sustainability Management course

Madelyn Postman of agency Grain Creative takes the eight weeks of the Business Sustainability Management course from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and distils it down into the top 5 things you can take from it.

Top 5 takeaways from the Business Sustainability Management course
It’s a challenge to distill the incredible and inspiring (my California self says “mind-blowing and life-changing”) eight weeks of the Business Sustainability Management course at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) into my top five takeaways. But after turning in week after

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» Radar Reads: Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman

We wrote a kind-of review for the book Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman. The book is about what’s happening inside our minds when we make choices. In particular, it explores why we make poor choices so often and what we can do about it.

The review gives an outline of the book — the Big Idea of what it's about, and the key points — but we focus mainly on what it means for agency leaders, and we make some big recommendations on things you can do in practice to learn the lessons from the book.

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And finally …

We’re all beginning to think about our strategy for 2021. There’s lots on everyone’s minds — the ongoing coronavirus pandemic; the end of the Brexit transition period in January; the turbulent state of the UK economy; and more.

That’s what it’ll feel like in companies who plan well for the pandemic.

Doing your own 2021 pandemic planning? Read our in-depth Board Brief on the pandemic in 2021 to help you and your board as you build your strategy:

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Coming up next week

» Mad Men Monday

We all need some fun, in amongst the serious stuff. So watch along with us on Monday night as we see what Mad Men can teach us about running an agency.

Catch up on read-along for Mad Men S1E1 — Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

» What Works

We’ve also got a deep dive on what works … on company playbooks. How do you make sure any one of your staff could play in any position? This is an in-depth look at playbooks — what they are, why you need one, what should go in it, how you make one, and how you can use it to take your business to even more success.

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