Here is the board pack for your July 2023 meeting.

This month, as well as your own agency-specific topics, we'll explore:

  • Agency Evolution: Review the framework for handling innovation and change in the agency, explore current innovation projects, and provide insight on how to improve the way the agency evolves itself.
  • Behaviours review: At least twice a year the board can review the agency's stated behaviours/values, evaluate how the agency demonstrates them, and dig into areas where the agency can improve.

The guides to how to run board meetings are in the Playbook. That's where to look if you need any refreshers, or want to see if there are any extra practices or tips you could adopt to take your meetings up a level.

As ever, even if you are a smaller agency and it's only one or two people on your board, that's fine. The key is that you are taking the time and space to do this high level thinking, and our briefings act as the external stimulus.

And if any of the briefings don't click with what you feel you need to discuss this month, feel free to review the library of board briefings and substitute one, or substitute your own. It's your meeting.

In advance of the meeting